Enviro UK Limited aim to provide the most effective and efficient lighting solution to suit you and your environment using all the latest technologies including but not exclusive to LED, T5 and Induction lighting as well as taking every opprotunity to achieve further efficiencies through occupancy and daylight harvesting where financially practicable.

Our range of lighting products covers every aspect you may be looking for from Lamps / Tubes / Bulbs through to complete turnkey project solutions, so whatever you may be looking for we should be able to help you achieve your objectives.

If you are just happy to shop on-line for a single lamp / tube /bulb or fitting please enjoy browsing through our extensive range of lighting;


If you are looking for something a little more complex we offer free lighting survey / audit (where applicable) of your current lighting to establish how you are curentley using your lighting and to collate all the facts on your current tariffs, working hours and working patterns so that when we produce our proposals we are quoting "apples for apples".

We often have to complete complex lighting simulations using either Relux or Dialux lighting simulation software to ensure your new lighting solution will be both fit for purpose and provide you with the correct lighting levels for the work being performed within these areas.

Our proposals are typically used at board level presentation level as they include your current lighting usage and costs, the proposed lighting solutions usage and costs, the energy savings, CO2 savings, the return on investment and the estimated payback period for the project.

We do not include any expected maintenance savings, replacement lamp savings or expected increases in tariff costs over the project period as these are all asumptions and not based upon factual information as your circumstances may change over this period of time (i.e.moving up to a three shift 24/7 operation from a single shift 40 hour week operation).

Once you have all the all the facts you can then make an informed decision.

If you choose to proceed with your project we can either supply only or supply and install your new lighting solution through our national network of approved installers.